Saturday, May 5, 2012

BLOG HOPPING...on a Saturday

Welcome to the official 
Art of Wild Abandonment 
bloghop post!

If you've made it here, you've probably popped by after visiting with the lovely
Valerie Hebert at
(wasn't her birdie just grand! Love her work- and she has a cool name too!)

This bloghop was created to showcase some of the work that we've created 
after learning from two absolutely fabulous artistes

There are around 50 artist's that are part of this lovely group 
who have been using watercolor, acrylic, pan pastels, gesso, pitt & scarlet lime pens,
fabric, parchment paper... and the list goes on... 
to create and express in their journal books in their own style.
I first came across Junelle's blog... yes and amen
a year or so ago, 
and I was fascinated, enchanted and just downright hooked 
on her every word and every image.
Immediate connection~ girl crush~ kindred spirit~ God connection....
But it was the journal pages that she posted 
that would touch the inner most part of me! 
I often thought how I'd love to learn to express like that!
And along came this class!
I am forever grateful to Junelle for her teaching...

What a joy it has been creating this book- my art life is forever changed 
having learned a new way to express and create 
alongside a fabulous community of people.

So, I've decided to complete the cover of my journal book 
"a la Junelle"...

Ta DAhhhhhh!

I'm loving the nest feeling, stuck on my watercolor poppies, 
enjoying making leaves out of the pages I tore out from the book, 
and always layering paper and paints to make interesting things happen.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
Here are a couple more spreads from the inside of the book. 
I do  L O V E  my watercolor paints!
My previous post highlights one special spread and the story behind it.

Gratitude to all of my bloggy, wild & artsy with abandon friends!!!
When traveling on, be sure to stop by and see what Gina Lee Kim is up to.  
Many thanks to Claire at 
for her hard work in organizing this bloggy good time!


  1. Love your journal cover. Very inspirational. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love your journal cover!!!! All of you are so talented. I can not thank you enough for letting me into your world.. I have learned so much from you and your talents

  3. Excellent and inspirational journal cover! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Gorgeous Journal cover! I loved the sneak peak you gave on facebook of the flower, it is stunning! One thing I love about your work is the intensity of your colors, they always look so great! I just got carried away and started reading the post below, such a BIG step to create infront of others, I bet after you had such a great feeling. What a fabulous achievement. You are an inspiration, I will definatly be back to visit :)

    Claire Smillie

  5. I am blown away by your vibrant water coloring...I have a lot to learn in that arena, so thanks for sharing! Great journal cover :0)!

  6. Heehee, Valerie... we ARE kindred spirits, aren't we :o)
    I do so love your work, and have from day ONE of the class. And, I do admit, I AM stalking you and your artistic blog, and cannot wait for the day I see your gorgeous work in print. I know it will be soon. You are so very talented!
    x, Val

  7. Your work is wonderful! Love the vibrant colours and the collage elements.

  8. Absolutely stunning...happy hopping!

  9. Wow, you had me at hello! I have a thing for color -- especially rich colors of tomatoes, poppies and eggplants. Must come back and spend some more time exploring in your "garden!"

  10. Beautiful journal and watercoloring and everything! Beautiful!

  11. You have such a beautiful style of art! What a talent!

  12. WOW great work, LOVE the tomatoes. We do have a great group don't we, love the support!

  13. you blew me away with your gorgeous book cover. I have loved all the projects you have posted. You are so good working with bold colors. Love it!!!

  14. Your watercolors are just awesome, love your journal cover too.

  15. Just AWESOME! I especially love the TRUST spread in the next post.

  16. I love your watercolors... and TRUST ... how inspiring. This course has left seeds of creative projects bubbling in me. Thank you for sharing. ♥

  17. your colors are simply gorgeous and love the book, what a fantastic idea

  18. I have loved each of the watercolors and pages you've posted, such incredible talent you have. And inspires me to work harder!

  19. Your watercoloring is amazing! The colors are so vivid and just fabulous! I always love seeing your pieces. Thanks for sharing them with us. It's so wonderful to find artsy friends!

  20. Your journal is great! Love the different textures on your cover with your watercolor, kraft paper, fabric and burlap. Your watercoloring is just lovely. Thank you for your inspiration!

  21. Your watercolor is amazing! Those leaves are just splendid and the bird is adorable! I'm so glad I found your blog through the blog hop. :D

  22. Valerie your poppy looks stunning. I love the way you've infused so many elements into the journal cover.
    Thank you for visiting Ariel.

  23. So fun to see and hold your art journal in person! Love your artwork.
    I just commented on your post about the e course about making videos...was the course really worth it??
    you can email me


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