Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Little Birdie Told Me...

I've been totally in love with working on these journal pages lately...
I feel like they 
are a 
tying parts of my art life together
weaving in and out
from page to page
leaving me with 
a road map of ideas
turn into 
big colorful art.

I'm amazed at what this process has been growing... 
I find it not only a way 
to explore my paint process, 
but to think about words
and have some fun 
with the pages I pulled out from the book.
Oh the possibilities!!

So... I'm whispering now...come close... 
I've gotten a huge response to my journal postings 
and have been asked by some 
to teach an ecourse on watercolor. 
It's on my radar, and I am working out the details.
If you think you'd be interested in an online class
feel free to drop me a comment with any thoughts,
request's etc. 
Also, I am getting close to launching an official website.
Woo! Hoo!  It's been in the works, 
and getting closer to complete.

And finally... tomorrow... Sunday...
I am officially introducing art prints to my etsy store!
These prints are made from my journal artwork in limited editions.
The colors are vibrant and a true match to the originals.
Printed with a Canon Pro 9000 printer 
using Epson Ultra Premium Matte Paper
 a lovely reproduction.
I am offering a 20% discount to all you lovelies that visit here. 
I am forever grateful for 
your kindness, encouragement and support.

Mention the discount code: BLOOM when ordering.
Only one coupon code per order.

Linking up to Jennifer and the lovelies over at  StudioJRU 
Come on over and have a peek!


  1. I love your journal pages and the direction your going. Great idea for prints! They're so bright and beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing your new website. Yay!

  2. Ohh... you have so many wonderful things happening! I am so happy and so excited for you Valerie! Can't wait to see your new website. Don't you just love the epson premium matte paper? Oh I love it! :) Your pages are so beautiful!

  3. Dearest sweet Val, your journal pages are just BEAUTIFUL!! Ohh yippeee for prints and i think it's an awesome idea!! I've been feeling under the weather and it has stop me from blogging, blog visiting and creating! I hope to get back in the swing of things soon! Happy sunday and love to you!

  4. I am loving your journal pages, Valerie! So much color and energy! I am off to check out you etsy shop, my friend and the watercolor class sounds like fun! So happy for all these good things for you!!!

  5. Beautiful...absolutely love the blooms. You are very talented :)

  6. I would sign up for your class in a heartbeat. Just say the word!

  7. Where is the link to your etsy shop? I clicked the words "My Etsy" in the left sidebar, but nothing happened.

  8. Thank you Miss Becky- I'll keep you informed as I progress with the class idea.
    The etsy link is directly below the thanks!


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