Thursday, June 21, 2012

Meet Dani Keith...maker of pretty things...

dani keith
 {dani keith designs}

maker of pretty things. grower of dreams. catalyst for creativity.
dani keith has been creating for a lifetime. in the spring of 2010 she was set up 
on a blind date with metalsmithing, and she says 
it was instant, true and deep love at first fusing! 
{dk} is constantly evolving, and dani is genuinely excited 
to see where each turn takes her.

artist statement: "I find the beauty in the simple geometry of shape and transform metal into a story that the wearer wants to be apart of"

How did you finally decide on the look of your brand?  
What did the evolution look like?
My work is very personal, my jewelry is an expression of my joy and as a creative your work is always very closely tied to who you are…that notion speaks directly to my branding… as a designer my product is always evolving, the ring I make today 
is nothing like what I will make in a month and I always like to offer original work 
to my clients… so my name is the continuity to my craft, and that is the evolution of 
the {dani keith designs} brand.

twitter: danikeithartist
years in business: 2

For more information on the 101010 Project check out the101010 Website. For a complete list of questions and the women hosting them on their Websites, see below.
(Note: Due to life's unexpected twists & turns, this session of the 101010 Project features eight participants instead of the intended 10.

Laura Otero: #1. Is it necessary for your business to line up with your soul purpose?  What value is there to having that aligned?
Stephanie Guimond: #2. Do you have a business mentor?  What value does that offer to your experiences as a business owner?
Shari Sherman: #3. What animal would represent your first year of business.
Robin Norgren: #4. What business/businesses have you chosen to model your business after?
Dani Keith: #5. At this moment, what one idea do you need to start executing for your business?
Paula Joerling: #6. What part of your business have you delegated or put on hold in order to focus your energy more efficiently?
Valerie Weller: #7. How did you finally decide on the look of your brand?  What did the evolution look like?
Phyllis Dobbs: #8. Who is that one person you would like to sit and talk with about your business? What would you talk about?

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