Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Completed Work... in Many Ways...

Completed work!
(Is it ever complete? I know I am not...)
(...for He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion... Phil 1:6)

After all of the tweaks, it's finally ready to go.
This one brought so much joy 
in the creating, 
and hopefully will bring as much joy 
on it's journey.
(Can you find the birds?? Love the birds!)

This piece is a 30 x 30- acrylic
(unframed 3/4" deep canvas)
The winning bid 
will not only own this colorful piece,
but will be 
a most appreciated donor 
to the 1000 Backpack Giveaway!

All proceeds from this auction 
will be donated to supply 1000 kids in need, 
(right here in the San Fernando Valley!)
with a backpack and supplies
to get them off to a great start 
this school year.
So bid - bid - bid away!
Auction is LIVE at dailypaintworks~ woo hoo! 
It will run for 7 days- highest bid wins! 
If you've ever wanted one of my pieces- here's a way 
to own a BIG, colorful, 
meaningful in many ways, 
piece of art!
Thanks in advance friends!

(Kindly leave a comment here on my blog if you have placed a bid, 
as I would love to show my appreciation by sending you a small print, 
with some love, and thanks for the support!)
(If you feel so inclined... donations are being accepted here as well, 
separate from the painting auction fundraiser

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  1. This is sooo beautiful! I love this art journal page and all the gorgeous colors in it ....the scene is beautiful can be depicted in so many ways!



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