Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Confession friends... 
I had the lofty goal of posting my painting 
on an auction site today to start the process 
for 1000 Backpack Giveaway.
A couple of things got in my way..
good things... but things that caused me to delay 
doing the launch until later in the day 
Please check my post tomorrow. 
It's going to be worth it! 
(shhhh... a giveaway will be in order!) 

I have to laugh, but as an artist would...
I took another look at the painting this morning
and of course, saw more things emerging. 
That's right... I had to add a few touches 
to what I thought was a finished piece.
Caught red-handed 
or paint-handed, 
might be more appropriate.
If you look above- you'll see the bird's in the first image?
they appeared today...  
A little tweaking had to happen 
on the right side of the painting as well.

Then there's the actual auction part. 
I thought I would use Daily Paintworks, 
but I researched a few other options 
and have yet to confirm that choice.
It all looked so easy...

So, you see... I'll be here tomorrow
with all the loose ends tied up.
Thanks for being such a supportive group!
Excited for the big reveal tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful paintings and I love your use of color. Somehow for me, as soon as I put it on the computer screen, I see it with a different eye and can make my final adjustments. I use DPW and feel it's hit or miss, but have had better success than Etsy.


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