Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Giving from the HeART...

we can do so little;
 we can do so much"
~Helen Keller
I totally enjoyed sharing my space for a week of posts 
by a lovely group of creatives, as part of 
the 101010 Project last week. 
g r a t e f u l
to all!
In the meantime... I've been gathering my thoughts
because I am crazy excited about a new project...
a project that affirms the Helen Keller quote above.

I've been going down the intuitive/expressionistic path 
on my painting journey and am just loving it. 
(thank-you Flora!)
There is such freedom, such color, and such organic beauty 
that comes through in this process- 
I just get giddy with excitement, 
when I come up for air.

There are a few "growth" parallels happening too
in the
art life
spiritual life 
work life.
I just love when that happens- don't you?

The project I speak of, has to do with a fundraiser... 
The sneak peek image at the top of this post 
represents a painting that will be auctioned off 
to support this fundraiser.
The piece I am working on is a 30 x30
intuitive expression- 
so what you are seeing 
is just a snippet and I am inspired!

Now for the real excitement!
The fundraiser is a project to raise 1000 BACKPACKS 
complete with school supplies
to give out to "children in need" 
before school starts in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles!
Our TEAM is working fast and furious on various fundraisers 
to meet this lofty goal!
I felt it deep in my heart to shoot for a painting sale 
as my contribution to the project.
so... if you like what you see, 
and you are interested in bidding on the painting...
I will be setting up the link at Daily Paintworks 
as an auction piece by July 1oth. 
(There will be a one week bidding time frame after the 10th)
The complete amount raised will be donated to 
(website is in the works)
through Freedom Church.
What better time to get a meaningful piece of art,
while contributing to a most helpful cause.
I have a huge heart for children in need 
and am honored 
to be able to contribute.
Thank-you friends...
so much can be done
when we gather together!

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  1. Dearest sweet Val, it was such wonderful inspiration following you on the project 101010. This new project seems amazing and sounds wonderful!! I wish it all a huge successes. It's so inspiring to be able to do the things you love and at the same time be a part of a huge fundraisers project. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


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