Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Watercolor time...

Some days I find I am writing more than painting. 
Who knew? 
Some days I find I am building my website more than painting… 
Who knew?
Some days I find I am tending to others needs more than painting…
Who knew?
This path of growing an art life will always be riddled with stops and go's...
making that time spent painting 
so much more appreciated.

So with those moments…
I've been working in my S&B sketchbook painting a series of veggies. 

This time of year, brings back memories of summers 
on the east end of Long Island…
where a farm stand resides
on many a small town road.
Fresh strawberries abound, for making jam.  
and..veggies brighter than the sky, 
delight the eye with their homegrown goodness.
I got to thinking about my affinity for painting elements 
from different seasons…
the flowers of spring, fruits & veggies of summer, the leaves of fall… 
and the flowery greens of winter. 

I find myself returning to them, just like home.
In the wake of developing this little series...
I've been getting tons of questions and requests regarding my palette, 
my process, the brands I use, the glazing, the calligraphic words, 
and my little signature block.

I've decided to do a series here to provide answers to those questions.
Woo hoo! Went through a dry spell with words,
and now have an array of informative posts planned for you all. 
If you have any specific questions about my process, 
feel free to leave a note in the comment section.
I'll be posting once a week…
starting with my palette and brands of paint.

Grateful for all of your artsy support friends!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! So many things in life to distract us from creating...seems like you found a very productive way to focus on this series...including writing and painting! I love forward to reading/seeing more!


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