Thursday, May 13, 2010

Broken Rules...

Now I've gone and done it! I've broken all of the rules in the "good blogger handbook"!  I had gotten too busy with life the past couple of ______'s (I can't even say it out loud) that I was remiss in blogging. Between a couple of auto competition's my son was in, a couple of weeks in New York and a couple of arts & crafts markets to prepare for... I inadvertently took a couple of ______'s off from posting. The dust is settling, and I can see my way clear to catching us all up.
Here's what's on the studio table....I've been working with these lovely pendant 
trays from Nunn Design to create a variation on my 
photo charm keychain's featured on etsy. 
I've been using various clear gloss mediums to fill the tray, 
but I am about to try the much acclaimed Ice Resin®. 
I had the pleasure of meeting the objects and elements design team 
at the CHAback in January. 
After seeing the demonstration for Ice Resin®
I was hooked. 

Well, I am prepping for Red Rabbit this coming Saturday May15th, 
and I plan to bring these lovely pieces with me, all assembled and ready to go.
If you are up for a fun and fabulous day-- Glendale Civic Auditorium will be the place to be! Carmen always puts on a fabulous event - complete this year with the "Buttermilk Truck" and some great make and takes in her craft workshops... 
(not to mention the most exciting vendors).

redrabbit at glendale civic auditorium
1401 No.Verdugo Road
Glendale CA 91208

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